Want to Volunteer at the VPA?

We need lots of help setting up, breaking down and all manner of tasks during the day.

If you want to be a VPA VOLUNTEER please be sure to check the appropriate box on the Registrant Information Form (to which you are redirected after you finish your registration on the Paypal page). We will contact you by April 20 with instructions. Thank You! 

If you already registered but didn’t complete the Registrant Information Form, please click here to do so now. The information from this form helps us plan the conference logistics more effectively, greet you at registration, and communicate with you (if you want) about VPA activities after the event.

Propose a workshop for the 2016 VPA

Let’s let the activist community set the agenda for VPA workshops!

This year, for the first time, the VPA includes an open call for workshop proposals. If your group has an important cause or struggle, and you can put together a panel, please propose it using our form, by April 9. Be sure to endorse the VPA first by emailing vpassembly@gmail.com.

The 2016 Virginia People’s Assembly for Jobs, Peace & Justice!

The 8th Annual Virginia People’s Assembly for Jobs, Peace & Justice will be held Saturday, April 23, 2016, at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church (1720 Mechanicsville Turnpike) in Richmond, Va. Doors open for registration at 8 am, with the conference starting at 9 am.

The VPA is an annual gathering of people from many communities across Virginia who are engaged in a broad range of struggles. We are union members, community activists, ex-prisoners and prisoner advocates, immigrants, students, youth, elders, women, antiwar organizers, veterans, members of Black Lives Matter, members of the LGBTQ community, the physically and mentally disabled, environmentalists and more.

We are fighting against police abuse and for a $15 wage for fast-food and other low-wage workers. We are defending our unions and organizing the unorganized. We are struggling against war, racism, classism, and sexism in all their many forms. And with the VPA we help to bring together all those who are working to win justice for our local communities and for the world as a whole.

At the VPA we meet people from other communities and learn about their struggles. We share our own experiences. We make friends and allies, pass resolutions and plan future actions. Together, we help to build the progressive movement in Virginia.

Endorse the 2016 VPA!

If you believe in Jobs, Peace, and Justice, we invite you to endorse the 2016 Virginia People’s Assembly. Just send your name, the name of your organization and the city where the organization is based to: vpassembly@gmail.com.

You can see the current list of 2016 endorsements here.

Plenary Sessions

The VPA consists of meetings of all the participants, called Plenary Sessions, and Workshops, sponsored by individual organizations or groups of organizations. For this year’s VPA, the Continuations Committee, made up of people who were active in organizing last year’s VPA, is suggesting three Plenary Sessions:

  • Plenary I – “Introductions: Who’s here and who’s doing what”

Representatives from organizations talk about who they are, what they do and what they need.

  • Plenary 2 – “Unified Resistance: Building solidarity among communities under attack”

A panel with representatives from various communities and struggles under attack in Virginia, including Muslims, undocumented immigrants, the Black community, labor, the environment and more. The goal is to learn what other communities are going through and how we can work together to defend each other.

  • Plenary 3 – “Beyond the Horse Race: Building the progressive movement in an election year”

Propose a workshop

Workshops are smaller meetings sponsored by endorsing organizations. They can be on any topic that falls under the general theme of Jobs, Peace & Justice.

To submit a workshop proposal, fill out this form The deadline for submitting proposals is April 9. Space is limited, so please try and get your proposals in early.

Propose a resolution

  • Endorsing organizations can submit resolutions to be voted on at the conference.
  • Endorsing individuals may also submit resolutions if they are co-sponsored by at least three other registered individuals.
  • Please submit your resolution here
  • ALL resolutions must be submitted, in writing, no later than April 16.


Endorsing organizations can also bring literature to leave at the VPA literature table. NOTE: We can’t be responsible for handling money, so if you plan to ask for donations for books, pamphlets, videos, CDs, etc., someone from your organization will need to stay at the table.


  • Lunch will be prepared by members of Wesley Memorial.
  • Supper will be prepared by a volunteer crew.
  • Vegetarian, vegan and meat options will be available.
  • Coffee, tea and water will be available all day.


The registration fee for the conference is $10 – more if you have it, less if you don’t, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. The cost includes lunch, supper, coffee and tea and child care.

You can register at the door, but to guarantee a meal we recommend registering online here. Anyone without access to a computer or who would like help registering online can call: 804-728-0222.

Volunteers Needed!

There are so many tasks that need to be taken on to make the VPA a success. Whether you want to help build for the VPA or volunteer on the day itself, please contact us at vpassembly@gmail.com or (804)-728-0222.

Some areas where we need help include:  Set Up  –  Take Down  –  Preparing or Serving Dinner  –  Outreach / Promotion  –  Media  –  Postering / Leafleting  –  Audio  –  Photography  –  Video

More Information

More information will be posted, as it becomes available, on the VPA website. Please direct any questions, comments or suggestions to: vpassembly@gmail.com, or (804)-728-0222.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2016 VPA!

In solidarity,

The VPA Continuations Committee

Daniel Breslau

Margaret Breslau – Coalition for Justice (Blacksburg)

Ana Edwards – Defenders’ Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project (Richmond)     

Weluna Queen Earth – Nation of Gods & Earths     

Kat McNeal – Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality     

Cassandra Shaw – Outreach Coordinator, Virginia Consumer Voices for Healthcare

Phil Wilayto – Editor, The Virginia Defender

2016 Virginia People’s Assembly for Jobs, Peace & Justice

http://www.vapeoplesassembly.org     Email: vpassembly@gmail.com     Phone: (804)-728-0222

Announcing the Virginia Peoples’ Assembly Newsletter!

How can all the activists and groups who’ve participated in the VPA stay in touch and keep each other informed throughout the year? How can we keep the spirit of the annual assembly alive all year?

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Read the resolutions and final report from the 2015 VPA

Ten resolutions were proposed, voted on, and adopted at the 2015 VPA, ranging from opposition to the proposed stadium in Richmond’s Shockoe Bottom, to peace issues, to support for teachers and public education, to freedom for political prisoners. Read the full list here.

We also have a full and final report on the successes of this historical assembly, and ways to make the VPA stronger in coming years.


You can register for the conference any time on the day of the event. But space and meals are limited, so we are encouraging people to pre-register online. The suggested registration fee is $10 per person. If you want to register only, see the note (in orange) below.

Note: We are not registered as a nonprofit, so we use what is called a “fiscal agent” – in our case, Destined and Designed by Faith. That is the name you will see at the top of the page where you pay the fee (make the donation).

If you prefer to wait and pay at the door we would still like you to pre-register: CLICK HERE to complete the registration form.

If you are still confused, please email us at vpassembly@gmail.com or call 804-644-5834.

2015 VPA Organizing is under way!

It’s not far away now, the 2015 VPA!

As of December 17, 2014 there were 21 Endorsers of the Call for a 2015 VPA. They have come in from Abington, Blacksburg, Highland Springs, Newport News, Norfolk, and Richmond.

  1. Active-RVA
  2. All As One, Richmond Chapter
  3. Kwame Binta – November Coalition
  4. Charles Brown – Labor & Community Activist – (Newport News)
  5. Coalition for Justice (Blacksburg)
  6. Collective X – Richmond
  7. Willie Mae & Ray Doss – Parents of Wrongfully Incarcerated Virginia Prisoner Jermaine Doss (Norfolk)
  8. Lillie A. Estes – ALO Community Strategy (Richmond)
  9. Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality (Richmond)
  10. Ana Edwards – Chair, Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project (Statewide)
  11. Flying Brick Library (Richmond)
  12. Jamil Jasey – Sol Society (Richmond)
  13. Stephen Loughman – Rag & Bones Bicycle Cooperative (Richmond)
  14. Weluna Earth Mother – Nation of Gods & Earths, Richmond Chapter
  15. Jericho Movement, Richmond Chapter
  16. Bryan G. Pfeifer – Labor Activist (Abingdon)
  17. Raise Up – the movement to win a $15 wage for fast-food workers (Statewide)
  18. Resource Information Help for the Disadvantaged (RIHD) (Highland Springs)
  19. Richmond Peace Eduction Center
  20. The Virginia Defender newspaper (Statewide)
  21. Woodbridge Workers Committee

Stay up to date on Endorsers by clicking here.