2016 VPA Endorsements

Here is the ever-growing list of individuals and organizations that have endorsed the 2016 Virginia People’s Assembly:

  1. 15 Now Roanoke
  2. Active-RVA (Richmond)
  3. African Awareness Association (Richmond)
  4. All-African People’s Revolutionary Party, A-APRP (GC) (International)
  5. All is One (Statewide)
  6. Arab American Association of Central Virginia
  7. A Society Without A Name, For People Without A Home (ASWAN) (Richmond)
  8. Breanne Armbrust – Kaiser Permanente Regional Coordinator, UFCW Local 400 (Statewide) *
  9. Pamela Bingham (Petersburg)
  10. BlackRVA (Richmond)
  11. Citizens’ Convention (Roanoke)
  12. Coalition for Justice (Blacksburg)
  13. Collective X (Richmond)
  14. Community Involvement to Remain Connected and Lead Effectively (CIRCLE), Richmond
  15. Stephen Davenport (Richmond)
  16. Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality (Statewide)
  17. Willie Mae & Ray Doss – Parents of Wrongfully Incarcerated Virginia Prisoner Jermaine Doss (Norfolk)
  18. East End Community Collaborative (Richmond)
  19. Feminist Student Organization at VCU (Richmond)
  20. Freeman Family (Halifax)
  21. Weluna Earth Finley, Member, Nation of Gods and Earths (Richmond Chapter)
  22. Flash Forward (Richmond)
  23. International Action Center (National)
  24. Libertarian Party of Virginia (Statewide)
  25. Marty Jewell, Community Advocate; Former Member, Richmond City Council
  26. Mobile Justice Tour (Statewide)
  27. No ACP (Atlantic Coast Pipeline) (Statewide)
  28. Nolef Turns, Inc. (Henrico)
  29. Nadia Orton (Portsmouth)
  30. Tom Palumbo, Member Executive Board, Veterans for Peace
  31. Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia (Statewide)
  32. Plowshare Peace Center (Roanoke)
  33. POWER, Inc. (Portsmouth)
  34. Ray McGovern – Former CIA analyst; Prominent Antiwar Activist
  35. Resource Information Help for the Disadvantaged (Statewide)
  36. Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project
  37. Richmond Struggle Committee Initiative
  38. Richmonders for Peace in Israel and Palestine
  39. Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project (Richmond)
  40. SCLC, Richmond Chapter
  41. Queen Zakia Shabazz, Founder & National Director, United Parents Against Lead
  42. Queen Zakia Shabazz, President, Virginia Chapter, Virginia CARAT Team (Community Action and Response Against Toxins
  43. Southerners on New Ground – SONG (Statewide)
  44. David Swanson, Antiwar activist
  45. Lynetta Thompson, Community Advocate (Richmond)
  46. TRANSgeneration 2016
  47. Lawrence Jay Tubb (Richmond)
  48. United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)
  49. Urban Awareness (Richmond)
  50. Virginia Consumer Voices for Healthcare (Statewide)
  51. The Virginia Defender newspaper (Statewide)
  52. Virginia Fight for $15 (Statewide)
  53. Virginia Friends of Mali (Statewide, International)
  54. Virginia League for Planned Parenthood (Statewide)
  55. Virginia Raise Up (Statewide)
  56. Virginia Student Environmental Coalition (Statewide)
  57. Virginia Student Power Network (Statewide)
  58. Wayside Center for Popular Education (Faber)