2015 Endorsements

2015 Endorsements

Endorse the 2015 Virginia People’s Assembly!

To add your organization to this list of endorsers, please send us your name, the name of your organization and the city where the organization is based.

(as of December 24, 2014, from the following parts of virginia: 11 cities & 3 counties: Abington, Blacksburg, Charlottesville, Faber, Fairfax, Henrico County, Highland Springs, Louisa County, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Prince William County, Richmond, Roanoke)

  1. Active-RVA (Richmond)
  2. All As One, Richmond Chapter
  3. Breanne Armbrust – Kaiser Permanente Regional Coordinator, UFCW Local 400 (Statewide)
  4. Glen Besa – Environmental Activist (Statewide)
  5. Kwame Binta – November Coalition (National)
  6. Black Action Network (Richmond)
  7. Charles Brown – Labor & Community Activist (Newport News)
  8. Evandra Catherine – The Identity Project (Richmond)
  9. Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice
  10. Coalition for Justice (Blacksburg)
  11. Coalition to Stop North Ana Unit 3 (Charlottesville, Henrico County, Louisa County, Richmond)
  12. Collective X (Richmond)
  13. Community Outreach & Revitalization Organization (Blacksburg)
  14. Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality (Richmond)
  15. Willie Mae & Ray Doss – Parents of Wrongfully Incarcerated Virginia Prisoner Jermaine Doss (Norfolk)
  16. Ana Edwards – Chair, Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project (Statewide)
  17. Lillie A. Estes – ALO Community Strategy (Richmond)
  18. Ethiopian World Federation Local 18 (Norfolk)
  19. Flying Brick Library (Richmond)
  20. House of Consciousness (Norfolk)
  21. Rev. Rodney Hunter – Pastor, Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church (Richmond)
  22. Jamil Jasey – Sol Society (Richmond)
  23. Jericho Movement, Richmond Chapter
  24. John Lewis – Renew Richmond
  25. Stephen Loughman – Rag & Bones Bicycle Cooperative (Richmond)
  26. Weluna Earth Mother – Nation of Gods & Earths, Richmond Chapter
  27. Mothers Against Pipelines (Western Virginia)
  28. Bryan G. Pfeifer – Labor Activist (Abingdon)
  29. Plowshare Peace Center (Roanoke)
  30. POWER, Inc. (Portsmouth)
  31. Raise Up – The movement to win a $15 wage for fast-food workers (Statewide)
  32. Resource Information Help for the Disadvantaged (RIHD) (Highland Springs)
  33. Richmond Peace Eduction Center
  34. BeKura Wallah Shabazz – International Women’s Liberation Council (Newport News)
  35. Southerners on New Ground (SONG)
  36. Janet “Queen Nzinga” Taylor – Prisoners & Families for Equal Rights & Justice (Statewide)
  37. Teachers for Social Justice (Richmond)
  38. Ha Tran – Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project
  39. United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 400 (Statewide)
  40. The Virginia Defender newspaper (Statewide)
  41. Virginia Organizing, Richmond Chapter
  42. Virginia Student Power Network
  43. Wayside Center for Popular Education (Faber)
  44. Women for Justice & Peace in Iran (Fairfax)
  45. Woodbridge Workers Committee (Prince William County)

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3 thoughts on “2015 Endorsements

  1. Mothers Against Pipelines enthusiastically support the VPA. Thank you for all your work. I would like to be on the environmental panel to speak about how to use economics to defeat all the proposed massive fracked natural gas pipelines.

  2. We, the “African Awareness Association” endorse this event, please our name to list of endorses. Also, Lee Robinson would like to be included as a panelist on the international panel, his topic will be: “Cuba, Africa & Revolution.” Lee will be speaking on behalf of the African Awareness Association. Please email Lee to confirm his participation asap, thank you.

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