The Art in the Struggle

The Art in the Struggle

Artists have always been part of struggles for justice. From symbols scratched into stones to posters and t-shirts in-memorium, from poems read on street corners to graffiti and guerrilla mural-making. From “fine art” subversions to folk art realities. From the vocalizations of “no more!” and truth-telling theater, to the declarations of victory, or the silences of “just you wait”, art is in the struggle.

We propose the 2015 VPA be permeated in Art: cultural performances and exhibitions of works by a cross-section of artists of all disciplines from across the racial and cultural spectrum of Virginia that somehow addresses the struggles articulated in the VPA.


Protest Posters created for an issue during 2014.
Children’s Work created before and during the day as an ongoing activity and added to their own section of The Art in the Struggle Gallery.


CDs will play during registration and breaks. Performances will take place throughout the day as described below:

  • Open the First Plenary
  • Open the Morning Workshops
  • Close the Luncheon Plenary (which also opens the Afternoon Workshops)
  • Open the Dinner and Final Plenary
  • Close the Final Plenary & Conference


PLEASE SUPPORT OUR CULTURAL WORKERS! All artists are participating because they endorse the conference and its purpose. Artwork, CDs, etc can be sold. Tip jars can be included. The People’s Support!

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